Doula in the Lou Birth Services, LLC

Cierra Jackson, CD, CBE, CBC

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Postpartum Services

After welcoming your newborn, you may find you need extra support. That's where I come in! From certified breast/chestfeeding counseling to per hour postpartum doula support, I'm here to help your family in the postpartum period.

Postpartum Basics, $595


  • 24-hours of in-home postpartum support
  • 1 one-hour breast/chestfeeding counseling session
  • A $625 value

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Sleep Support, $1,590

Includes "Postpartum Basics," plus...

  • 4 overnight postpartum shifts
  • A $1,725 value

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Baby Bliss, $2,475

Includes "Sleep Support," plus...

  • An additional 12-hours in-home postpartum support for a total of 36-hours
  • An additional 4 overnight postpartum shifts for a total of 8 shifts
  • 2 one-hour birth art therapy sessions
  • A $2,610 value

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Per Hour Postpartum Doula Support

Per hour postpartum doula support can include...

  • newborn care and feeding
  • light housework
  • cooking and/or meal prep
  • looking after older children
  • running errands
  • physical and emotional support
  • space to process your birthing experience
Per Hour Postpartum Support is available 7 days a week from 6am-10pm at a rate of $25/hour, plus $5 per child under 10, minimum 2 hours.

Overnight Postpartum Doula Support

Overnight doula support can include...

  • newborn care while parents sleep
  • newborn feeding while parents sleep or with parent's help
  • looking after older children
  • physical and emotional support
Overnight Postpartum Doula Support is available 7 days a week in shifts from 10pm-6am at a rate of $275/shift. Additional postpartum support hours may be added at a rate of $15/hour, not to exceed 12 hours. Limit 2 overnight postpartum shifts per family, per week.

Breast/Chestfeeding Counseling

Each 30-minute in-home breastfeeding counseling sessions will include discussion on baby's intake and output, latch, holds, pumping, supplementing and more, while allowing space for you to share your experience.

Breast/chestfeeding Counseling is available as a stand-alone service at a rate of $25/session or to add onto any postpartum support visit at a rate of $15/session.

Birth Art Therapy

As a doula, I know the importance of processing your birthing experience. With each one-hour session, we will explore your feelings about your pregnancy and birth through art.

Birth Art Therapy is available as a stand-alone service at a rate of $50/session or as any add on to any postpartum support visit at a rate of $35/session.